Cost Savings

  • TresVista offers substantial cost-savings as the cost of Analysts and Associates continue to rise and hiring becomes increasingly competitive
  • Lower Direct Costs – Cost saving for clients due to reduction of in-house resource requirements
  • Lower Indirect Costs – Healthcare, IT, recruiting, training costs, administrative, and other such benefits for clients
  • Increased Efficiency – A consolidated pool of Analysts supervised by a team of Associates and Assistant Vice Presidents can replace in house Analysts with a fewer number of offshore Analysts
  • TresVista offers its clients the opportunity to pay one flat fee without compromising quality
  • Shared resources and data warehousing resulting in reduced duplication of effort and cost reduction
  • Using TresVista Time Track™ software, all time spent on a project is tracked to the second. Clients only pay for effective time spent, and not the learning curve while the relationship is built
  • TresVista’s custom built project tracking and knowledge management system, TresVista Online™, provides highly detailed data breakdowns on all aspects of project execution, granting complete transparency to our clients

Long Term Partnership

  • TresVista understands the needs of its clients, and satisfies those needs to enable clients to focus on accomplishing their core functions and true end-goals
  • The team assumes sense of ownership
  • Enhanced responsibility, reliability, and accountability
  • Multiple professionals servicing a single client guarantees fluid and continuous service
  • Periodic client-service follow-ups and discussion on new opportunities by senior management
  • TresVista’s management invests heavily in optimal integration of its services by creating awareness within the client’s firm