Service Delivery Model

  • TresVista professionals integrate directly with senior management making the service model especially cohesive and valuable
  • Involvement of Assistant Vice President and Associate makes the learning curve steep during the initial phase of the relationship and enables continuous process improvement

For all clients, an Assistant Vice President/Associate is the point person. An Analyst is entrusted with execution, under the guidance of an Associate. Each team is guided by an Assistant Vice President.

Team Delivery – A Well-Structured Team with Defined Roles Ensures Quality

  • An Assistant Vice President is involved at the inception of a project to coordinate staffing and ensure that the objectives, scope, and timelines are clearly understood by the team
  • An Associate provides guidance to the Analysts, quality checks all deliverables to ensure accuracy, and communicates with the client. He manages and reviews all assignments; acts as the point-person; and is accountable, reliable, and responsible for all services
  • The Analyst(s) is/are responsible for executing all tasks related to the project and is/are directed by an Associate
  • Additional resources can be pulled onto larger or time-sensitive projects/requests
  • An Assistant Vice President supports the team, questions the team from the client’s perspective, and clarifies points to reduce client dependence during execution
  • The Analysts and Associates are an integral part in all aspects of the service delivery model, supported by the Assistant Vice Presidents

Preliminary Discussion

Parties Involved: Client, Assistant Vice President, Associate and Analyst

  • Understand the scope of the assignment/project
  • Breakdown project into manageable pieces and understanding the significance and fit of each part in the overall scheme of the project
  • Discuss the deadline and format of delivery
  • Staff Analysts based on the requirements of the project

Internal Brainstorming

Parties Involved: Assistant Vice President, Associate and Analyst

  • Based on the preliminary discussion, arrive at an optimum method of project execution within the given time frame

Client Update

Parties Involved: Client, Assistant Vice President, Associate and Analyst

  • Client is updated on the outcomes of the internal brainstorming and the discussed approach for project execution
  • Interaction to make sure that the client and TresVista are on the same page


Parties Involved: Associate and Analyst

  • Collect primary and secondary information for analysis
  • The Associate takes a step back and looks at the bigger picture to make sure that all aspects of the deliverable are being addressed


Parties Involved: Associate and Analyst

  • The Associate checks the Analyst’s work closely and ensures quality of deliverable

Review at the End of Each Project

Parties Involved: Assistant Vice President and Associate

  • The Assistant Vice President and Associate review each project upon completion and look for ways to continuously improve

TresVista Online™

  • One of the unique inbuilt systems of the firm is TresVista Online™, which is an in-house customized ERP system that helps in managing projects and teams while optimizing our institutional knowledge
  • TresVista Online™ enables identification and billing of only “efficient” hours. Further, with all Analysts and Associates working across industries, TresVista Online™ acts as a knowledge hub enabling search by industry, country, or key word, empowering employees, as well as the clients, to reach out to each other and harness the vast pool of institutional knowledge within the firm