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Emerging India – The Growth Story

The white paper gives an insight into how India is emerging as a strong business zone. It highlights the key economic factors (GDP, inflation, market capitalization etc.), macro-economic fundamentals, growing consumer market, growth-oriented government reforms, and investment climate in India.

  • Emerging India – The Growth Story
    • Key Economic Factors:
      • GDP and GDP Growth
      • Inflation
      • Market Capitalization
    • Strong Macro-Economic Fundamentals
      • Improving Debt To GDP
      • Growing Forex Reserves ($ Bn)
    • The Growing Consumer Market
      • Socio-Economic Development
      • Addition To Workforce By 2025 (Mm)
      • Spending by Global Middle Class
    • Growth-Oriented Government Reforms
      • Make In India
      • Digital India
      • Land Acquisition Bill
      • Goods and Services Tax (GST)
      • Infrastructure and Housing
      • Smart Cities
      • Start-up India Initiative
    • Improving Investment Climate in India
    • Sectors with Long Term Growth Potential
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