“TresVista has been working in an integrated capacity with us since 2007 by supporting our investment teams across the region. The team at TresVista has established strong working relationships across our teams and assisted us on a number of assignments including performing valuation analyses across varied industries, constructing complex financial models, generating insight and research on niche industries, and delivering thought pieces on emerging sectors – including benchmarking across countries. The scope of our relationship has only expanded year on year and all evidence points towards that trend continuing.”

- Principal, Leading Private Equity Fund

“TresVista provides us with an end-to-end solution by supporting us on several activities such as monitoring macro and industry news, stock market performances, building of detailed investment models with adequate sensitivities and putting together investment memorandums.”

- Managing Director (Public Equities), Prominent Asset Management Firm

“TresVista’s systematic and logical approach to complex problems was impressive. The team understood our needs and was always flexible while allocating resources to meet tight deadlines. They have proven themselves to be an excellent execution partner who can be relied upon when the need arises.”

- Principal, Leading Large-Scale Buyout Firm

“We have been working with TresVista for over 18 months. Over this period their service has exceeded our expectations. We have been able to outsource incrementally more complex and critical tasks to them. TresVista run all of our initial desktop research and DD in to new opportunities, as well as assists us with financial and performance analysis of portfolio companies. We have introduced TresVista to a number of our partner organizations and only received a positive feedback. We have no hesitation in recommending TresVista to any potential clients.”

- Principal, Private Equity Investment Firm in UK

“We were pleased with TresVista’s output on the two recently concluded projects which included updating an Information Memorandum and presenting an idea to investors that ran its course from conceptualization to a final product. The team was driven and responsive and turned around a high quality deliverable under an extremely tight deadline. They definitely exceeded our expectations and we highly recommend TresVista.”

- CFO, MENA based MNC

“I have worked with TresVista on various projects for the past five years. A dedicated TresVista team worked for my sell-side research team for more than two years helping with the analysis and equity coverage, doing the ground work all the way to drafting the research report. Their work was meticulous and always reliable. I view TresVista as a long term business partner who are always reliable and with consistent high quality deliverables.”

- CEO, One of the Major Investment Banking and Asset Management Firm

“I thank the team at TresVista; they supported us on the industry and valuation analysis during the pre-deal phase of various transactions. TresVista team is thoroughly professional, diligent, and maintains flexibility to manage deadlines. One of the projects required extensive data analysis to prove various investment hypotheses. The team was able to divide the projects into discrete pieces and structure the intermediate deliverables keeping in mind the end objective. They were able to think out of the box and were quick to adapt to situations. Throughout the execution of these projects, the team was communicative. Ultimately, the analyses helped us make investment decisions.”

- Associate, Leading Global Investment Firm

“After a review of potential internal and external candidate pools, we decided to work with TresVista and have been very pleased with the work quality, turn-around time and attention to detail. Additionally, our analysis framework is exhaustive and highly thorough and the TresVista team has provided great support in making investment decisions… As a testament of the work product of TresVista, several of the CEO/CFO’s of portfolio companies have hired them on an on-going basis to assist management in evaluating additional projects and investment opportunities.”

- Partner, India Focused Private Equity Firm

“I was very impressed with TresVista’s approach right from the start. They got on calls with both management parties and put together a preliminary due diligence list during the first week of the engagement. A detailed financial model was built with different sensitivities showing the strength of the business plan and the key drivers to make it a success… The team was always responsive, professional and knowledgeable with regards to the project and enabled us to make an informed decision for our firm. The entire experience was seamless and completed within a few weeks.”

- Director, Leading Indian Manufacturer of Specialty Chemicals for the Auto Industry

“TresVista has assisted us in a variety of sectors and with numerous challenging projects. They have provided thought pieces on niche industries, insight and research into specific companies, compiled valuation pieces and built and run complex financial models.”

- Principal, Prominent Fund in the UK

“We have been working with TresVista for over 3 years and during this time we enjoyed working with them and increasingly incorporated their efforts into our investment processes.”

- Managing Director (Fixed Income), Prominent Asset Management Firm

“The knowledge on the industry that was initially absorbed by the team has remained at TresVista and continues to benefit the relationship by remaining institutionalized and enhancing the quality of the output.”

- CEO, Power Generation Firm in India

“They were both professional and diligent in their financial modeling and presentation to the board, which helped us gain comfort and clarity on the deal. We were glad to have their services at our disposal and the successful conclusion of the deal is a tribute to the skill and responsiveness exhibited by the team.”

- Vice President, Leading Production Studio and Entertainment Conglomerate

“We have been working with TresVista since more than one year and are fully satisfied with the experience. TresVista has provided excellent support on a range of research initiatives covering diverse sectors and geographies. The support team is readily accessible, quick to respond and provides high quality outputs consistently.”

- Senior Vice President, Investment Bank

“TresVista’s professionalism ensured that open lines of communication were maintained, and expectations were aligned at every stage of the project. Their expertise in research was evident in their diligence, and the attention given to the finest of details. Ultimately, the analysis covered all bases and was key to arriving at a strategic decision.”

- Channel Head, International Media Conglomerate