Investment Banking

TresVista provides services to support investment banking clients in all stages of the investment banking process. TresVista’s services enable firms to maintain a lower head count internally and focus on strategic decision making.

Pre-Deal Pitching and Client Servicing

TresVista provides a variety of services specifically designed to undertake deep dive research and arrive at an analysis, to enable investment banking firms to screen better, leading to finer evaluation of investment opportunities.

Stage 1

– Regional Overview
– Macro Economic Research
– Industry/Market Analysis
– Landscaping
– Company Profiling/(PMO)

– Forecasted Results
– Leveraged Buyout
Pre-Deal Presentation Material
– Pitch Book Creation
– Benchmarking
– Public Market Valuation
– Precedent Transaction
– Discounted Cash Flow
– Affordability analysis

Stage 2

Financial Analysis
– Sensitivity Analysis
– Fund Requirement Analysis
– Liquidity Analysis
– Pro Forma Financials

Deal Evaluation
– Capital Structure Analysis
– Analyzing Deal Viability
– Returns Analysis
Business Due Diligence
– Preliminary Diligence Before
– Management Meetings
– Detailed Diligence to Create a
– Data Room

Investment Memorandum/Red Herring
– Investor Document –
 Culmination of
Research, Arrived Valuation
Range, and Business Diligence

Request & Guidelines Provided
  • Managing Director required an M&A pitch book for a meeting with a public real estate development company
  • The team worked independently on this project, creating all slides and pitch ideas
  • Initiated the project with a brief macroeconomic environment overview followed by an analysis on the Egyptian real estate industry and shortlisted 10 real estate companies as acquisition targets based on qualitative factors
  • Analysed the LTM and forecasted gross and EBITDA margins and trading multiples based on public comparables and created an output sheet which supplemented in filtering the list from ten companies to two
  • Built detailed financial models, which covered all the ongoing and upcoming projects of the companies, and incorporated switches and cases for added flexibility
  • Calculated the synergies and impact on the capital structure of the merged entity
  • Prepared a comprehensive pitch which included sensitivities on the accretion and dilution versus the premium paid
Final Deliverable & Client Takeaway
  • Provided the client with a pitch book with recommendations for action and a working model showing the merger analysis
  • The client used our analysis to take the idea to the company

Deal Execution

TresVista supports deal execution and frees up in-house execution capability, allowing senior investment professionals to focus on the strategic decision making and deal execution.

Identify Investors
– Identifying Potential Investors to
– Approach for Capital Offerings
– Identifying Potential Suitors
– for a Sale of the Business/
– Divestures

Funding Environment Review
– Review Current Scenario
– Identifying Peers Seeking Capital
– Success Rate of Competitors
– Create a Road Show
– Presentation
– Investment Committee
– Memorandums

Road Show Support and Modeling
– Preparing Management for
Investor Meetings
– Managing Data Room
– Term Sheet Evaluation

Request & Guidelines Provided
  • Supported the Investment Banker in a buyside mandate to advise an asset management firm on an equity investment in a Singapore based utility company
  • Prepared materials for the Asset Manager’s internal investment committee including the strategic rationale for the investment, while keeping in mind the tight regulatory procedures as well as stringent timeline provided for the deal closure
  • Provided insights on the need for investments in the Asian water sector coupled with increased government commitment to developing an advanced water industry
  • Identified the importance of capital market structures, enabling evaluation of funding option for the sector in the long run
  • Highlighted the interest of long term pension and thematic investors in the water space on account of low volatility and attractive return profile of the utility infrastructure sector
  • Helped in restructuring existing business operations and capital structure
Final Deliverable & Client Takeaway
  • Provided research and analytical support to understand and analyse the regional water sector, supporting the investment bank to take informed decisions with regard to the investment strategy, restructuring of the existing business operations of the target company, as well as the equity/ management stake in the reorganized structure
  • Freed capacity of senior professionals at the investment bank which allowed them to continue their sourcing efforts for new deals while this deal was being executed

Post-Deal Support

Post-deal support services are designed to enable the relationship manager at the investment bank to be up to date on the performance of the company as well as the industry, enabling him to maintain the relationship and capitalize on further revenue generating opportunities.

– Closing Pitch Book
Relationship Management
– Provide Research and Create
– Materials Enabling the Banker
– to Stay in Front of the Client at
– All Times

– Tracking and Summarizing News
– on the Company and Industry
Performance Monitoring
– Monitor and Analyse Stock Price
– Analyse Impact of news and

Request & Guidelines Provided
  • Worked with a Partner to create a deep dive pitch book on the broadcasting industry and discuss key trends
  • Research to be presented at the client’s board meeting as part of overall relationship management efforts
  • Prepared an industry presentation on the US broadcasting industry
  • The presentation covered an industry overview, focus on industry dynamics and changing trends, competitor profiling, and comparable valuations
  • Prepared a SWOT analysis
Final Deliverable & Client Takeaway
  • The client presented the industry scenario and trends to the board of the broadcasting company