Deal Execution : Due Diligence

Analyzing Data Rooms and Validating Assumptions


  • • Understand the underlying drivers that will impact the business and build an analysis to understand how these drivers would perform
  • • Analyse the data room to understand the key drivers for the financials


  • • Considering the business operated in the grain barge transportation space, we looked at the expected production in the coming years and ran a sensitivity analysis on the same’
  • • From the company model and data room, analysed the drivers of the historical and forecasted EBITDA and prepared detailed bridge charts


  • • Created a detailed presentation with provided context on the underlining market and demand drivers
  • • Analysed the data room providing outputs on the performance by key business lines
Note: Image blurred due to data confidentiality
Created a data analytics model for diligence on the financials, final output was a presentation which laid out the different aspects / concerns for the business