Financial Services

Through our Financial Services solutions, we help clients with support teams that can be seamlessly repurposed for different activities across the value chain, and act as client extensions for investor relations, business development, deal execution, and portfolio management.

Use Cases

Marketing and Communication

  • Formulating Content Marketing Strategies
  • Creating Whitepapers and Thought Pieces
  • Creating Newsletters and Case Studies
  • Creating PPMs
  • Managing Social Media and E-mail Campaigns
  • Creating Periodic Investor Communication
  • Writing Press Releases

Deal Sourcing

  • Identifying Potential Targets
  • Preparing Target Profiles
  • Identifying and Marketing to relevant Intermediaries
  • Industry Overview Reports
  • Summarizing Investment Memorandums
  • Screening and Tracking Investment Pipelines
  • Deal Viability Analysis

Modeling and Analysis

  • Financial Modeling and Assumption Validation
  • Leveraged Buyout Modeling
  • Discounted Cash Flow Modeling
  • Operational Modeling
  • Merger Modeling
  • Fund Modeling
  • Budget Modeling and Variance Analysis

Operational Support

  • Creating and Maintaining Data Rooms
  • Setting up CRM Databases
  • Maintenance and upkeep of CRMs
  • Building Lists of Intermediaries, Sponsors, Companies and Investors
  • Graphic Design Expertise on Marketing Material
  • Legal Expertise on Reviewing NDAs

Research and Due Diligence

  • Detailed Industry Research and Competitive Landscaping
  • Detailed Company Profiling
  • Creating DDQs and Liaising with Management Teams
  • Preparing Investment Memorandums
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Term Sheet Evaluation

Portfolio Management

  • Maintaining Operating Models
  • Periodic Portfolio Valuations (IRC 409A and ASC 820)
  • Trading and Transaction Comparable Analysis
  • Identifying Add-ons and Potential Acquirers
  • Preparing Board Materials and Market Insights
  • Creating and Tracking Key Business Drivers

Work Samples

  • Marketing &

    Annual Meeting Sample Deck_1

    Annual Meeting Sample Deck_2

    Annual Meeting Sample Deck_3

    Content Marketing_Company Profile

    Infographic_Clean Energy Social Media

    Infographic_CPG & Retail Industry

    Infographic_Middle Market Lending

    Newsletter_Angola Economy

    Weekly Newsletter_Aluminium Industry

    Whitepaper_Data Analytics

  • Deal

    Buyer Screening List_Plastic Injection Moulding

    Company Profiles_Digital Audio Advertising

    Company Teaser_Sample 1

    Industry Overview Report_Albanian Oil Industry

    Industry Report_Sunscreen Industry_Sun Care

    Industry Research Report_Communications_US Outdoor Advertising

    Industry Research Report_Education_Charter School Market

    Industry Research Report_Financials_Construction Equipment Financing and Leasing

    Information Memorandum Summary (CIM)_Health Services

    Information Memorandum Summary_Headgear Designing and distribution company

  • Modeling &

    LBO Model - Sample 1

    LBO Model_Quick LBO

    M&A Model_Merger Model

    Operational Model_DCF & Returns Model

    Operational Model_Private Company Model

    Valuation Model_Automobile Model

    Valuation Model with Comps_Gold Mining sector

  • Operational

    CRM Fields

    CRM Solutions - Best Practices

    Deal Sheet Sample

    Deals Tracker Sample

    Deals Quarterly Report



  • Research &
    Due Diligence

    Company Profile_Digital Audio Advertising_Communications

    COVID-19 and the Education Industry

    COVID-19 and the Restaurant Industry

    Due Diligence_Check List

    Fund Due Diligence_Questionnaire

    Industry Research Report_Supply Chain Overview_Industrials_Aerospace

    Information Memorandum_Content Generation Industry_Long-Short Sample

    Information Memorandum_Fund Raising_Credit Opportunities Fund

    Information Memorandum_Investment Analysis_African Healthcare

    Information Memorandum_ Holiday Homes Feasibility Report

  • Portfolio

    Comparable Analysis_Behavorial Healthcare

    Comparable Analysis_Food Equipment Services

    Comparable Analysis_Medical Equipment and Home Health Care

    Comparable Analysis_Nutritional Supplement


    Comparable Analysis_Waste Management

    Portfolio Overview_Sample

    Portfolio Reporting_Weekly KPI Dashboard

    Potential Targets_Database

    Reporting Samples_Board Meeting

    Reporting Samples_Performance Report

    Trading Comparables_Financials_Middle East Banks

    Trading Comparables_Real Estate_MENA_Sample 1

    Trading Comparables_Real Estate_MENA_Sample 2

Case Studies

  • Marketing &

    Case Study_Creating Whitepapers

    Case Study_Marketing Brochure

  • Deal

    Case Study_Potential Buyers List

    Case Study_Potential Buyers Profile

  • Modeling &

    Case Study_DCF Valuation_Insurance Company

    Case Study_Financial Statement Analysis_Working Capital

    Case Study_LBO Valuation_Technology Company

  • Operational

    Case Study_Organization and Contact Information Database

    Case Study_Outlook V-Card

  • Research &
       Due Diligence   

    Case Study_Analyzing Data Rooms and Validating Assumptions

    Case Study_CIM Summary

    Case Study_Company Profile_Private Equity Firm

    Case Study_M&A Advisory Pitch

  • Portfolio

    Case Study_Fund-level Performance Tracker

    Case Study_Public Comparables