“We bring in the right people, invest in them and empower them to contribute to the growth of the firm.”

- Sudeep Mishra, Cofounder and MD, TresVista

TresVista provides its employees a rich learning experience, one in which they acquire critical financial analysis skills while working with financial experts.

Employees at TresVista complete a comprehensive training program that prepares them to evaluate new investment opportunities, create and maintain market analysis, and work efficiently in a highly challenging environment.

In addition to the new hire training and on-the-job experience, we provide continuous technical, functional and a range of soft skills training throughout an employees’ career at TresVista.

Induction Training

The TresVista Training Program was created by the founders themselves, taking reference from their Wall Street experience. The Induction Training Program was conceptualized with the intent to ensure that all finance professionals in the firm are provided with the tools necessary to excel. The training includes the following broad categories:

  • Research, Business Writing & Communication
  • GAAP Accounting & Excel Training
  • Valuation & Financial Modeling 

Induction Training is a 3-week long intensive program that starts off with explaining the basics of Accounting as it is the backbone and works its way into high-end finance which includes Modeling and Valuation.

Excel and PowerPoint training is also provided, including advanced techniques aimed at increasing efficiency and accurate formatting to make the end product perfect.

Business Communication and Writing are covered to make new recruits cognizant of global cultural differences and emphasize the importance of professional conduct at all times.

Continuous Training

With the constant developments and evolution in the markets, it is vital that finance professionals within the firm continue to be abreast of the happenings in the financial space and retain their competitive edge. At TresVista, we provide continuous trainings which are customized to recognize the development of not just technical knowledge but also soft skills required at each level.

The provision of customized training programs activates a culture where knowledge and interest in the finance space is nurtured and cultivated, keeping employees motivated. Especially in the light of promote positions, training material is structured to educate and empower individuals to step up and handle the responsibilities associated with the designation. Below is the broad list of trainings covered over the course of one’s career at TresVista post the induction training:

Technical Skills

  • Reviewing Output
  • Macro Economics
  • International Finance
  • Drivers of Return on Capital
  • Contract Law
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Advanced Valuation Techniques

Soft Skills

  • Career Workshop
  • Change Management
  • Feedback Training
  • Interview Training
  • Leadership
  • Mentor Training
  • Personal Effectiveness


At TresVista, we promote pro-activeness and appreciate feedback. At all levels, we encourage our team to actively seek, obtain, and provide feedback, enabling early identification of areas of development and improvement. Regular feedback fortifies our appraisal process and enables individuals to be in charge of their own progress and of their peers as well. Most of our Clients are active in providing us with their valuable feedback. The focus at TresVista is not just on simple feedback, but on constructive feedback; which not only helps in building teams and individuals, but also growing the Firm.


We believe that a 360 degree appraisal process seeks to achieve a holistic assessment of an individual’s performance. TresVista’s review process encapsulates the reviewee’s performance over a period of time based on feedback received from all levels of the organization. The process focuses on giving constructive feedback on areas of development. It helps managers in setting up goals for employee development for the future.