TresVista Webinars

Our exclusive webinar series provide a forum for senior asset managers and advisors to address and discuss a broad range of topics. In each webinar discussion, we speak with a diverse group of professionals representing their area of expertise, and deliberate on relevant topics in the world of asset management.


TresVista Talk Webinar: Emerging Manager & the Pandemic: Considerations for Launching & Scaling and Investment Platform

12th Sep 2020

Asset managers have seen a major disruption since late March 2020 when the onset of the pandemic resulted in deal-making grinding to a near halt, combined with a rapidly changing capital raising environment as LPs adapt to the new normal. While more established GPs have the benefit of a track record, emerging managers present an interesting opportunity unencumbered by troubled assets and armed with a thirst to outperform. Join us in this discussion as we speak with a distinguished panel, comprising Pavel Chernyshov, Annette Rodriguez and Michael Kessler in a session moderated by Abilash Jaikumar, of emerging managers on their journey, how they have navigated through the pandemic situation so far, and how they are positioning themselves for success in a changing investment landscape.

TresVista Talk Webinar: Private Equity investments are now available in 401(k): What happens now?

31st Aug 2020

The US Labor Dept. recently provided guidance that took an important step towards opening up the world of Private Equity investments to retail investors. Ordinary Americans being able to access these investments through their 401(k) retirement accounts will likely have a meaningful impact on the PE investment landscape. In this discussion with our panelists, Doug Keller, Jason Mulvihill, Lawrence Cagney, and moderated by Abilash Jaikumar, we aim to analyze the current situation for 401(k) plans to offer access to PE investments, the logistical and compliance challenges PE firms face in offering these investment opportunities, the potential for PE funds, and much more!


TresVista Talk Webinar: How will Fundraising in the Private Equity market evolve?

31st Aug 2020

The environment for fundraising in private equity has seen meaningful shifts that are being felt throughout the investment industry value chain. The current dislocation is likely to favor specific strategies and should create opportunities for well-established & cycle tested managers down the road. However, the near-term landscape for raising funds and deploying at both LP and GP levels is facing a rapid readjustment. In this discussion with our panelists, Warren Hibbert, Pradeep Ramamurthy & Greg Jania, and moderated by Abilash Jaikumar, we will aim to better understand how LPs are viewing allocations in this market, how remote working environments are impacting manager diligence, how GPs are distinguishing themselves in the fundraising process, and much more!

TresVista Talk Webinar: What Role will Secondaries Investors Play in this Cycle?

31st Aug 2020

The market for private equity secondaries experienced a record level of deal volume in 2019, and the strategy has seen great interest from LPs, both from an allocation standpoint, as well as an avenue for liquidity. Likewise, GPs have innovatively been leveraging the secondary markets through restructurings, as a portfolio management tool. Like most areas, the market for secondaries has been impacted by the global pandemic. In this edition of the TresVista Talk Webinar, we aim to get our distinguished panelists' views on how the secondaries market has evolved for LPs and GPs, what we should expect from secondary deal volume in 2020, the competitive outlook within secondaries, and much more!

Our panelists were Nigel Dawn, Christophe Browne, Yann Robard and Steve Lessar, in a session moderated by Abilash Jaikumar.

TresVista Talk Webinar: COVID-19 impact on Distressed M&A and Outlook for Restructuring

31st Aug 2020

As the US economy faces an unprecedented level of pressure due to the impact of COVID-19, businesses are bracing for an uphill climb to stay afloat. As the deal-making landscape continues to evolve, investors, advisors, and management teams will be looking for answers on how to navigate the crisis and address the challenges ahead. In this edition of the TresVista Talk Webinar, we discuss the impact of COVID-19 on distressed M&A as well as the outlook for restructuring in the US economy. Our diverse group of experienced panelists opined on topics including where we are in the cycle, which industries are being impacted more heavily, and what management teams should be focused on in the current environment.

The TresVista Talk Webinar inaugural episode included Hooman Yazhari, Andrew Flesch, William Henrich and Luke Vandeguchte, in a session moderated by Abilash Jaikumar.