TresVista Wins the Great Indian Workplaces Award in the Emerging Enterprises Category

TresVista is pleased to announce that it has been named the winner of the 2nd edition of the Great Indian Workplaces Award (GIWA) 2018 in the Emerging Enterprises Category.

TresVista was judged the winner from amongst 20 nominees in the Emerging Enterprises Category by a panel of independent experts. The criteria under judgement for the nominees were the ability to provide a congenial, safe, enjoyable, and trust-based culture where employees take pride in their work, enjoy lower levels of stress, experience a high degree of professional learning, and receive extensive mentorship from senior management.

GIWA has acknowledged TresVista’s efforts in distinguishing and nurturing their employees through stringent policies towards sexual harassment and a people-centric approach. This includes providing access to various facilities such as company transport, healthcare benefits, cafeteria, gym, food allowances, indoor sports, and participation in various team building events at the workplace.

Speaking on the recognition, Vishal Shah, Director, said, “Over the last 12 years, our vision, values, policies, and actions have been consistent with the focus on keeping employees excited and challenged. Our dynamic and vibrant platform facilitates life-changing experiences coupled with immense learning and growth opportunities for our employees”.

Devrath Banerjee, Senior Vice President & Head of Human Resources added, “A young, vibrant, and intelligent workforce along with an open-door culture and an exciting workplace setting has helped us achieve an exponential growth curve and keeps us motivated to deliver the best to our clients.”

About Culture Summit and GIWA: GIWA is a premier knowledge-exchange platform that brings together Workplace Culture Champions to share ideas, information and solutions around the framework and key developments that would shape the Workplace Culture of the Future. This event was organized by UBS Transformance, a leading provider of content driven and information-rich business conferences.