TresVista Endorses SuperReturn Private Credit US: Connecting the US Private Credit Industry

July 27, 2022

TresVista and SuperReturn come together in bringing SuperReturn Private Credit US, connecting the US Private Credit Industry.

SuperReturn Private Credit is an annual gathering of the Private Credit Industry where senior decision-makers from around the world come together to share their perspectives on maximizing returns, portfolio enhancements, non-sponsored lending, growth debt, niche strategies, and much more. The event is structured for smooth interaction and discussions with senior decision-makers in the Private Credit Industry, where attendees collaboratively brainstorm on key and specialist topics in the industry.

The event is a great networking opportunity for thought leaders looking to discover where the best returns will be achieved while enhancing their portfolio with specialty and niche finance strategies, non-sponsored lending, growth debt, and how to take advantage of the dislocation in the market.

The platform offers exposure and ideal networking opportunities through interviews, panel discussions, presentations, round tables, and informal sessions with highly distinguished individuals and leaders in the including 300+ global private credit decision-makers, including 150+ GPs and 90+ LPs. Take part in closed-door discussions with like-minded peers after booking a session in advance.

The event is designed to educate the participants and spark new ideas. Attendees are free to explore endless opportunities to brainstorm on critical issues such as product innovation in private credit, manager selection, terms & fees, and specialty finance through private networking. SuperReturn as a platform believes in flexibility and allows session availability for the attendees online a week after the event runs.

Participants will get the latest perspectives on non-sponsored lending, growth debt, secondaries, niche strategies, technology, and market intelligence. Joining the discussion at The Westin, New York Time Square will help learn what the future holds for rapidly growing asset classes, discover where to achieve the best returns, and enhancing portfolio with specialty and niche finance.

Details of the event:

About TresVista:

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