TresVista Financial
Services Is Now
Great Place to Work – Certified™!

February 24, 2022

TresVista Financial Services has been Great Place to Work – Certified™ in India from Feb 2022 to Feb 2023! This award recognizes the Company’s ongoing commitment to establishing a culture of high trust, integrity, and growth for its employees.

Over the years, TresVista has implemented several policies and practices that make it a great place to work, such as mindfulness workshops, mental health guidance & free consultation, COVID-19 vaccination reimbursement, engaging virtual events, and upskilling opportunities, to name a few. The Company has consistently engaged in its people and workplace culture, driving innovative people-centric policies spanning inclusion and diversity, prioritizing employee learning, growth, and well-being, and fulfilling the brand promise to their stakeholders.

Great Place to Work® is the global authority on workplace culture. Since 1992, they have surveyed more than 100 million employees worldwide and used those deep insights to define what makes a great workplace: trust. The Institute serves businesses, non-profits, and government agencies in more than 60 countries and has conducted pioneering research on the characteristics of great workplaces for over three decades.

The Institute’s research shows that great workplaces are characterized by great leadership, consistent employee experience, and sustainable financial performance. These organizations are able to deliver a consistent experience to all their employees irrespective of their role, gender, tenure or level in the organization. Their leaders believe in the vision of creating and sustaining a Great Place to Work FOR ALL and role model being ‘FOR ALL’ Leaders.

Mr. Sudeep Mishra, Director, TresVista, commented, “This accolade is reflective of our efforts in developing an organization with a strong corporate culture. I want to express my gratitude to all our employees, past and present, who have helped build TresVista into a workplace of trust, integrity, excellence, and positivity.”

Over the last four years, TresVista has witnessed exponential growth, with the employee strength almost doubling up every two years, and aims to grow to over 2,000 employees by the end of 2022. Its expansion plans also include opening 3 new offices in Mumbai, Pune, and Bengaluru in the next 18 months and a new delivery center in Europe in 2024.

About TresVista:

Founded in 2006, TresVista is a global enterprise offering a diversified portfolio of services, including investment diligence, industry research, business development, fund administration, accounting, and data analytics. Working with a wide array of clients including asset managers, advisors, corporates, and entrepreneurs, TresVista currently has over 1,000 employees across offices in Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, New York, London, and Singapore, and provides high-caliber support and operating leverage for over 1,000 clients across geographies and asset classes.

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