TresVista Endorses SuperReturn Africa: Connecting African Private Equity Investors

November 4, 2022

TresVista and SuperReturn come together in bringing SuperReturn Africa, connecting African Private Equity Investors.

After three years away, SuperReturn Africa returns to Cape Town where senior international LPs and GPs will come together to network and explore the pertinent market trends, challenges, and innovations on the continent. 400+ distinguished world leaders are gathering to delve deeper into prominent points of discussion like infrastructure trends, filling financing gaps, disruptive technology, co-investments, diversity and talent, LP allocations, and regional perspectives from the experts, among additional topics.
The event offers great networking opportunities where one can connect with like-minded and esteemed thought leaders including 200+ GPs and 100+ LPs in informal settings including conversations over morning coffee, network breaks, extended lunches, and evening drink receptions. The attendees can even join exclusive closed-door discussion groups to discuss niche topics on African investments.

With speakers joining from as far as Europe and beyond, the attendees have the opportunity to communally brainstorm and discover the latest in ESG & impact, infrastructure, debt financing, tech, and more.

The promise of exposure that the event holds, makes it a must-attend for local and international LPs to meet leading GPs from across the continent. Dedicated LP benefits include exclusive closed-door sessions, an LP breakfast, and fund presentations.
Participants get the opportunity to meet and connect with influential members of the global private equity community in Africa and uncover best practices in guaranteeing returns while overcoming roadblocks.

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