How we helped an Equity Research and Investment Banking firm in recognizing industry trends and taking action

March 17, 2023

The Context

The client, an Equity Research and Investment Banking firm, wanted the TresVista Team to prepare a newsletter providing a holistic summary of the Natural Resources sector. The client specifically wanted the team to highlight the Mining and the Energy sector and have room to promote the firm’s brand name and its products. The client also wanted the team to curate a mechanism that would effectively track the bouquet of relevant companies from their perspective and identify sources that provided relevant updates affecting the commodities sector.

The Objective

To prepare a newsletter covering the Mining and Energy sector, which is highly volatile, considering its high dependence on the global economic & geopolitical events.

The Approach

The TresVista Team followed the following process:

  • Created a structure with categories based on the information that was to be presented to the readers
  • Explored the options available for tracking the updates and selecting the most credible and accessible sources
  • Developed a repository of formatting checklist to ensure consistency and authenticity of style
  • Set the chronology to be followed while executing in real-time with time allocation for each activity

Got familiar with the email marketing platform and created a template for the newsletter

The Challenges We Overcame

The major hurdles faced by the TresVista Team were:

  • Developing an in-depth understanding of the mining and oil & gas industry and the factors influencing the commodity prices
  • Understanding the criteria based on which the client assigned relevance to the news pieces and thereby minimizing the client’s involvement
  • Working with database plug-in on excel and content marketing platform

The team overcame these hurdles by taking common news pieces from the sector and understanding their relevance. Moreover, the team referred to the educative materials provided by the companies on their websites, along with glossaries about the sector and the sector-specific terms/jargon. Further, the team refined the final output to better suit the client’s needs and, hence, provide the most value to them.

Final Product (Sanitized)

The Value Add – Catalyzing the Client’s Impact

The TresVista Team suggested creating a record of the news that they cover so that the team can have their own database of the company updates. This can help the team know the number of times a company was covered in the newsletter over the previous few years. This data also can be leveraged to bring out meaningful information in many possible ways, through manual or automated parsing (through implementing data analytics) of the information, finding out trends in the sector/group of companies, etc.